Amazonite Chip Bracelet

Amazonite Chip Bracelet

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Amazonite is connected to both the heart and the throat chakra and helps to calm your soul and give you a sense of empowerment to look inside and find your truth. It supports you to speak and live in this truth and manifest it into being all around you! If you are in need of a creative boost, helping to clear the cobwebs can really go along way and Amazonite will certainly do that! It can also help to bring harmony and balance within you, allowing you to feel comfortable expressing boundaries, as well see things from others points of view.


Each bracelet is intuitively chosen, therefore yours may appear different to the ones shown in the photographs.
Each chip will vary slightly in colour and size.

Crystals are natural formations so therefore they are unique.

Your crystal bracelet will be cleansed before sending, ready to be used.

** DISCLAIMER ** Crystals are not an alternative to medicines. Always consult your doctor.



  • Size and Bracelet Type Options

    Please choose whether you would like a stretch bracelet or a wire bracelet with a clasp.

    Size Options
    Small - 16cm
    Medium - 17cm
    Large - 18cm
    For sizes outside these options, please contact us for a quote.

  • Made to Order

    All bracelets are made to order so please allow 3-5 working days for dispatch.